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About DunkBakes

Growing up, I rarely had a store bought birthday cake. This is due to my Grammy growing up in a bakery in Memphis, TN. A bakery that local celebrities of that time, such as Elvis Presley, frequented. She passed down the family tradition to her three daughters. She tried with her grandchildren, but I was the only one of the seven grandchildren to really take the family tradition to heart.

For years I would bake cakes, cookies and other sweet treats to feed my sweet tooth. One day my best friend begged me to make a cake for her and she would pay me and then an idea was sparked. In March of 2015, DunkBakes was officially started with an Instagram account.

I had no idea that DunkBakes would grow to where it is today. I thank God for all of the doors that he has opened to me and DunkBakes. I am also thankful for those close friends and family who helped me build DunkBakes.


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